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Savings Account

Champion Savings

Champions savings helps parents to send their children to schools of their choices. The parents are not under pressure during the semesters or trimesters. The parents save a dedicated amounts regularly depending on the number of children he sponsors in school. He can also take loan to add up to the total amount of the short fall during time of payment.

None Member Savings

This product is designed for group members who constantly take loans in cycles. It’s designed to help member have a certain amount of savings from every cycle of loan taken. Over time the member boasts of having financial profit from numerous loans. It’s designed and kept aside for an agreed period for the group member and it also attracts interest.

MicroFixed Savings

This product allows our customers to save daily, weekly and monthly for a period of one year. This is tied to expanding the business and having access to a bigger loan after being consistent with us for 12 months with first three cycle loans of similar amounts.

Festival & Event Savings

This product helps our customers’ future events to be carried out without having to sell your ancestral land or inheritance in house or other assets. Saving for occurrence such as death, marriage of children, birthdays, Christmas , accidents,Easter etc is one way of mitigating against shock and rise in blood pressure. Depending on your objectives, we can discuss the key features as you are about the start the savings.

Monthly Profit Savings

This product enables our customers in enterprise businesses to set aside a certain amount of money monthly for several reasons. Such as business expansion, purchase of owner occupier shop, rents and money other things. Intrinsic Features are discussed when you start the process

You Must Be Rich Savings

Over the years we discover small business and the owner are the same. This product is designed to separate the owner from the business. The owner is encouraged to set aside a portion of the business profit monthly into his personal savings and lock it up for a 5 years without touching it. The purpose of this is to enable the owner to become financially independent from the business over time. The business can experience a down time or challenged but this does note affect the owner as he can lean on this savings to bounce back.

Women Enhancement Savings

Our core services go to the women folk. As you keep taking working and taking loans, you must set some savings to develop your life in many ways such as health, replenish your wardrobe, kitchen items and do many more other things that directly benefit her without necessarily disturbing the husband or the children by setting aside a certain amount regularly and compulsorily for a period of 18 months.

Target Savings

This is a product directed at set objectives such as to be build a house , buy land, improve or renovate existing property, buy a car, start or expand a business, marry. The main feature is building a big bulk sum for a capital project.

Wealth Actualization Fund

This is our fixed deposit product which runs according to the monetary policy rates of the Central Bank. We design it to run towards achieving capital projects .

Thrifts savings

This is designed for our regular daily savers who must build a base for the Rosca and be able to propel the exit from poverty at a certain target date. This is done to be executed daily. The savings in easily thrifting can be withdrawn anytime after a period of 6 months.

Brooks Two years savings

This savings is for a minimum of two years. You cannot touch or withdraw. The interest rate is fixed and the regular savings amount is fixed. Discipline to achieve a set goal is required. The objective is to have a certain threshold of amount after two years . Increase in the amount can increase over time but cannot be reduced or withdrawn till expiry date. It can also be rolled over for another tenure.

Family Welfare Savings

This product enables the family to save for Christmas and Easter. It is a savings that allows the integral family to carry out all their family expenses during Christmas without straining. Christmas HappyHour becomes very easy with all the purchases. You are can set aside a certain amount of money in savings over the 12 months duration depending on your your focused expenditure during Christmas .

Loan Products

Basic Loans

This is the initial loan given to new members as a trial loan. It is usually small amount from N20,000 . It is also the first cycle loan to enable the member master the use of the facility. It increases per use or as per capacity of the member in utility.

Investment Loans

This is facility to long standing customers who evolved from small loans to building investment and have demonstrated capacity.

Microenterprise Loans

The enterprise loan enables small existing business owners especially the one man businesses to access loans to expand the services in buying and selling. This must be purely commerce related.

Young Entrepreneur Loans

This loan allows those initiating productions and s services have access to start up micro loans such as cobblers, bagging of products, groundnut frying etc

Brooks Cash Advance

This is monthly contributory facility given to existing customers and existing businesses and it expires every 30 days

Community Economic Development Enterprise Loans

This facility is given to customers and indigent members of a community though recommendations from either the Village Head or any leadership representation.

Start Up Incubation Loans

We give this loan to those who are ready for us to watch, monitor and help the business to grow before we allow the owner full control of the running of the business.

Higher Education Loans

This facility enables our customers who have been making certain savings especially champions savings to access education facilities to train their wards to any level.

HappyHour Enterprise Loans

Brooks facility targets buy and sale customers in the entertainment industry

Farming loans

Farming loan is a small credit for big opportunities for young and old women in farming.

Group loans

This loan is given through verified groups of 6 to 10 members for certain periods.

Hire Purchase loans

This loans is availed for the poor who can contribute a portion of their funds for what they want to buy and the bank finances the rest over a period of time.

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